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The University of Northern Colorado Alumni Association engages current and future alumni and the University through programs, benefits and services to enrich lifelong relationships.

Northern Vision

Kevin Chiao Wong

Alumni Association Board of Directors
Marketing, 2003

Kevin Wong“I give back because I attribute the majority of my success in life to my experience at UNC.”

Kevin Chiao Wong is passionate about philanthropy and appreciative of the valuable education he experienced at UNC. It’s a winning combination for the UNC Alumni Association.

A UNC Alumni Association board member, Kevin is proud to give back what UNC gave to him—knowledge, confidence and direction.

“UNC is about opportunity,” he said. “My experience at UNC shows that anyone with opportunity can do whatever they want in life.”

A sales and marketing professional, Kevin has organized numerous committees and enjoys making a difference using the skills he honed at the Monfort College of Business. He also is the Vice Chair for the Arapahoe Community College Foundation board, and last year served on a committee for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Kevin says UNC alumni have a lot to look forward to, including increased connectivity with the university, the association and their fellow alumni. They also can expect more and better benefits as more opportunities become available.

A first-generation college graduate, Kevin’s family was thrilled when he chose to stick with his Littleton High School friends and attend UNC.

Today, Kevin is proud “to be in a position to influence decisions that affect the university and its students,” he said. “I attribute my entire success to the interactions, experiences and knowledge gained at UNC. I want others to experience that, too.”